Thursday, 2 April 2009


From creating my film, I’ve looked at quite a few other sources of media, to get an idea for my opening sequence, such as NSPCC adverts, other campaigns such as barnardos, which aim to help children. Also looking into the news about child abuse that has been happening around this time. Also we hade come across some short films on the BBC and from YouTube about child abuse and got some inspiration from them. We got the theme of using child abuse as our opening sequence, as we wanted to have a sequence that would touch peoples harts and have a affect on them to be intrigued in what the film is about.

Our title sequence contains images that uses child like themes such as the child drawings and child hand writing, also using props such as the old worn teddy bear, showing that it is her only friend that she can trust. Also the small hand bag to visualize a young factor that she uses to carry around with her, that carries a small book that she uses to write messages to her self about her horrifying background. We looked carefully at all the elements such as cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound, editing and typography to see how our film can develop these ideas, and create a similar way, but with our own techniques. I feel our film has challenged a real child abuse sequence as we have tried to put in the necessarily factors to reach our viewers emotionally and quite harshly, within the way we have filmed with the gritty and grim location.

My media product comes in the social realism genre, which is representing the social groups of young neglected, or abused children, I feel that it represents children going through an experience in there lives, and have no one to turn to and need help, also someone to talk to for support. From the research that I have done I would say that the type of audience that would watch my film would be single parent mums who feel they cannot cope and/or some mothers that have been abusing and need to realize what the are doing to there children.

A opening sequence on child abuse would be given thought about who would distribute it, so we chose New Line cinema that would present this, I wouldn’t say that our film would be a big global film and would consider our film to be a British film and be compared to films such as This Is England, which has quite a high rating and viewings. I wouldn’t say that our film was a bid budget Hollywood film as it has the British film touch. With such a factor such as child abuse would affect a wide range of people, and it would interest people to now how serious the affect of child abuse is an how it cases young children stress and pain, whilst in there childhood of growing up.

The music that we used is quite moving within the song lyrics and the music is quite slow and makes your emotions high, and many people watching our film have said that it brings a tear to there eye. We also chosen our locations very well, were you would find young children and families enjoying them self’s. also casting our actor, we hade to choose a very good and accurate one, we thought of many children that we could use and my sister become the best one to use, because she had the characteristics and the potential to act our character and with her character it would bring a whole new meaning to it.

From using many technologies such as imovie and final cut pro. I have realized that you can make it into something with emotion and true meaning. I found it gave me a range of choices and effects to make our movie have that little touch.

Looking back into our tasks I have learnt that you should make sure that everything is prepared and perfect for the day of shooting. Also I think that working independently on our main area is the best thing to do then go thought it together after. Also looking back at my continuity sequence and comparing them together they are both very different. I have learnt that tasks should create a positive effect an cannot be rushed so that all the vital situations arte brought into the movie.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


the other day we had a crit and showed all of our opening sequences to each other, and we got some helpfull tips that we could improve on, some people found that our fil was quite moveing and sad, but they suggested that maybe we should change the music as it sounds a bit of childish hummer, of which i did say in the beginning and that it needs to be cut down more, also Ellie who stared in the film made the film and we had chose a good child who played the part good, so we just need to make some slight changes and we should be done!

Friday, 13 February 2009

opening title sequences important?

Title sequences are a very, important part of the film and are powerful if done properly. A bad title sequence leaves the audience dissapointed with not only the beginning and will not ingage the audience to the film. opening sequences are what draws the audence in and there first imprestions of the film, this is the same affect that we want ours to give thats why we want to do a few ectra shots but todays the deadline and all so... i think we may work back into this as i hate things not finished and done, everything needs to be perfect and up to my standerds and at the moment its not .

Continuity task

a wile back we got set a task for a continuity peace which involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue. This task should demonstrate match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule. this peace of work is still waiting to be uploaded and will be up shortly.

what type of audience would this film appeal to humm?

well... what type of audence then? i would say that tis wouldnt really appeal to the younger audence and it is more aimed at maybe the older genaration like adult hood as, they would have children them selfs, plus it reminds me a bit like the books i have read about abuse as alot of abuse went on in the 1960's onwards when the children went to work in the refinnarys with the nuns ect. so i would say a audence that would have been involved in that time or people that have been through abuse befor.


we have music :)
well we have hade some trubble getting some music on to our opening sequence but we have came aros another version of concreate angle, which is in another tone of vioce, i feel it may be a bit to childish hummer to it which we got want to gie that imprestion, so we may have to fine a new pece of music for it.

more filming!

we have decied when watching our film back that it dosent quite give the dramatic feeling we want it to give and and it seams that the film just drags a bit and your just waiting for something to happon, so i had a idea of shooting more shots of the girl scramming or beeing a bused just like 5 seconed long shots and one with a diped light of a hallway with light comeing from the room and a girl crying or someing that would sound quite horrific, inbeetween shots whilst she is walking , i sopose they would be flshbacks of what she has gone through and makes it seam more edging to watch, so if one in our groupe remiones me to get a camra and it ellie is free and we have the time to do more shots we will add these in as so as.